A delightful village on the South Arm of the Tweed River, Uki was originally the centre of the cedar trade in the late 19th century. As the land was cleared, many dairy farms were established and the village included a butter factory, school, churches, bank and store. However the postwar decline in dairying led to a general population drift from the region, and it is only in the last two decades that the situation is changing again.

Today Uki retains a farming base, with some beef and sugar, as well as many niche operations including coffee, tea and bamboo. Nearby Mt Warning attracts tourists from all over the world, and recently the bushwalkers have been joined by people interested in the spiritual significance of the site to the indigenous people of the area. The town has a progressive outlook, with new cafes, galleries and guesthouses being opened up in the heritage buildings.


  • Population – 230
  • Council – Tweed Shire


  • Markets – 3rd Sunday each month