Way back in the seventies when the surf at Byron Bay was just starting to feel a little bit overcrowded to those who’d been accustomed to lots of space, surfing legend and former world champion Nat Young decided that it was time to look for a new slice of paradise. He found it at Angourie, just south of Yamba.

Then just a fantastic surfing location with a holiday cottage or three, it is now a delightfully small-scale village complete with holiday accommodation, a general store and even a restaurant. Although Mr Young’s involvement and investment has recently ceased, the area thrives on the great surf and spectacular ocean views from many houses.

On the northern tip of the Yuragir National Park, Angourie is surrounded by stunning beaches, picnic areas and walking tracks. The famous “Blue Pool” located in a bush setting right near the beach was originally a rock quarry which filled with fresh water when an underground spring was disturbed. It has long been a popular swimming hole, but is sometimes closed to swimming due to algae growth, so check the notices first. The beaches are superb, anyway!

  • Population – 300
  • Transport services – Bus
  • Council – Maclean Shire