An historic river port with a number of fine old Federation-style buildings, Coraki was once a major port of call for many ocean-going ships. With its own shipyards, Coraki still enjoys its riverside location, and fishing, boating and water sports are popular.

But one of Australia’s original and native therapeutic remedies is what Coraki is really known for today. In the past two decades, tea tree oil has become big business. The tea trees grow naturally in the region, and the oil extracted from the leaves was long known as a folk remedy and powerful antiseptic. By WWII tea tree oil was part of every soldier’s kit. However the introduction of synthetic antibiotics saw the demise of the humble oil, until its recent resurrection. Australian tea tree oil is now used in dozens of different healthcare products and is exported world-wide. “The Tea Tree Capital” celebrates with the Tea Tree Festival every October.

  • Population – 1223
  • Transport Services – Bus
  • Council – Richmond Valley Shire